1. Install SubGit tool according to the Installation guide.

  2. Configure GitHub

  3. Configure the local repository:

    Run the command below on behalf of the same user you use to serve Git repository:

    > subgit.bat configure --layout auto --trunk TRUNK SVN_URL GIT_REPO


  4. Perform SubGit installation into local Git repository:

    > subgit.bat install GIT_REPO


    > subgit.bat install C:\repo.git
      SubGit version 3.2.4 ('Bobique') build #3670
      Translating Subversion revisions to Git commits...
      Subversion revisions translated: 10248.
      Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes 23 seconds.
      Your copy of SubGit is not registered for repository at 'C:\repo.git'.
      Obtain registration key at http://www.subgit.com/ and register SubGit with 'register' command; registration is free for Open Source, Educational and Startup projects.
      To uninstall SubGit use 'uninstall' command.

  5. Sync local Git repository with GitHub:

    In order to maintain a reliable two-way mirror using the setup described above, Git users have to push their changes to the SubGit-managed Git repository rather than submitting changes to the GitHub repository directly. 

  6. Try and buy.

    Note: the trial period for SubGit mirror is 30 days, after that period you should buy a license key at https://subgit.com/pricing

    Once you receive an email with a license key, upload this license key to your server and run the following command:

    $ sudo subgit register --key subgit.key GIT_REPO


    $ sudo subgit register --key subgit.key C:\repo.git
       SubGit version 3.2.4 ('Bobique') build #3670
       Registration information:
         Registered for:       Example company
         Purchase ID:          OS-111111111111111
         Expiration date:      April 23, 2028
         You may use this key to register 9 more repositories (out of 10).
       Thank you for registering SubGit!
       Visit http://www.subgit.com/ in case you have any questions and for more information on SubGit.

  7. Get support.

    If you encounter any problems, see the following guides for more details:


Should you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at support@tmatesoft.com.