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2.1 Download Gogs

Download Gogs and unpack into the its working directory.

2.2 Set Gogs up

Open the command prompt window and navigate to the directory where you have unpacked Gogs and run the following command:

gogs web

gogs run

this will launch Gogs server, to proceed with the installation, enter the following web-address to address bar of your browser:

address bar

If you have done everything right, a configuration page will show up:

config page

Write the password of your database in the “Password” field and feel free to configure the Gogs at your discretion, but if you do not mind default settings, then simply hit “Install Gogs” button.

configuring the page

2.3 Create a repository

After pressing “Install Gogs” button you will be redirected to login page. If you have not entered administrator accounts data on the configuration page, simply register an account, it will be granted administrators attributes automatically.

login page

Next, hit the “Plus” button in “My Repositories” window:

new repository button

Here, enter the data of your new repository and hit “Create Repository” button.

new repository

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