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SubGit configure command creates bare empty Git repository and writes default configuration and mappings to the GIT_REPOS/subgit/config file. Generated default configuration have to be adjusted before proceeding with install stage, in particular user have to provide credentials (or specify where to find them) to let SubGit access Subversion repository. config file generated by default will look like this (some of the less frequently used options are not shown here):

    authorsFile = subgit/authors.txt
    pathEncoding = UTF-8
    defaultDomain =

    url =

    trunk = trunk:refs/heads/master
    branches = branches/*:refs/heads/*
    tags = tags/*:refs/tags/*
    shelves = shelves/*:refs/shelves/*

    fetchInterval = 60
    connectTimeout = 30
    readTimeout = 60

    auth = default

[auth "default"]
    passwords = subgit/passwd
    useDefaultSubversionConfigurationDirectory = false
    subversionConfigurationDirectory = /home/user/subversion

Paths in subgit/config file:
File system paths in subgit/config file could be specified in relative or absolute form. Relative paths are those that do not start with ‘/’ or drive letter on Windows OS. Relative paths are treated as relative to the Git repository root directory.

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