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Write Subversion users to Git authors mapping to conf/authors.txt file (see Section 3.3, “Authors Mapping”). For instance:

semen = Semen Vadishev <>
dmitry = Dmitry Pavlenko <>

Or specify existing authors mapping file:

authorsFile = /var/git/company-authors-mapping.txt

Specify path to the authors mapping file (see Section 3.3) as core.authorsFile option value. Path is either relative to the Subversion repository root (e.g. conf/authors.txt expands to SVN_REPOS/conf/authors.txt) or absolute.

Provide default domain for missing emails:

defaultDomain =

Email has to be part of the Git author information and some of Git operations may fail when email is not present. SubGit will use core.defaultDomain value to generate author’s email when author is not found in the authors mapping or in case authors mapping doesn’t provide email.

Tip: Add author mappings for as many of you team members as possible, even if they don’t use Git as the log history will be more consistent.

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