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To create new Subversion revision, SubGit has to authroize with Subversion server. In order to do this, SubGit follows the following algorithm:

  • Git commit author is matched to Subversion author name (AUTHOR)
  • All configured credentials sources are iterated to find AUTHOR’s credentials
  • In case matching credentials found, SubGit uses them for authorization
  • In case no matching credentials has been found, SubGit uses any of the available
  • As soon as new revision is committed, SubGit sets its svn:author revision property to AUTHOR

The most secure way to configure SubGit credentials is to provide single set of credentials (either explicitly in subgit/passwd file or implicitly by specifying local Subversion configuration path). However, use of Subversion revision properties feature requires pre-revprop-change hook to be enabled in Subversion repository. Add empty hook script with 0 exit code to enable revision properties:

        pre-revprop-change     # for Linux and OS X
        pre-revprop-change.bat # for Windows

Hook file contents might be as simple as:

Linux and OS X:

exit 0;


@echo off
exit 0

Installing hooks to Subversion repository requires direct shell access to Subversion repository server. This might not always be available and in that case SubGit might fail to set proper author or date for a newly created Subversion revisions.

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