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SubGit configuration could be changed after SubGit is installed into repository. Some of the changes become effective immediately and others require subgit install or subgit install –rebuild command to be executed in order for the changes to be applied.

Changes that become effective immediately:

  • Modification of the authors mapping file (subgit/authors.txt)
  • Modification of the password credentials file (subgit/passwd)
  • Modification or creation of the user-* hook scripts

Changes that become effective after ‘subgit install’ is run:

  • Modification of the core.authorsFile option in the subgit/config file
  • Modification of the svn.fetchInterval option option in the subgit/config file
  • Modification of the [auth] section options in the subgit/config file

subgit install command will validate changes made to the subgit/config file and will apply these changes. Background translation process will be restarted if needed.

Other configuration changes: In case more changes have to be made, in particular, changes to the branches mapping in subgit/config file, then the easiest way would be to reinstall SubGit following standard configuration stages (see Section 5.1, “Installation Stages”). It is not possible to update branches mapping for a Git repository where SubGit is already installed. To stop background translation process, run subgit uninstall command on a Git repository.

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