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Run subgit uninstall command to disable synchronization or to uninstall SubGit completely.

Being run without options uninstall command removes SubGit hooks thus disabling translation:

$ subgit uninstall repository.git
SubGit version 2.0.0 ('Patrick') build #7777

About to shut down background translation process.
Shutdown request sent to background translation process (pid 4900).
Background translation process has received shutdown request and will exit NOW.


SubGit hooks have been removed from Git repository:

Subversion and Git are no longer kept in sync.

Until Subversion and Git histories diverge, you may run SubGit subgit install to enable synchronization back.

Run subgit uninstall command with the –purge option to remove SubGit completely. This command will remove:

  • SubGit binaries and log files
  • SubGit metadata
  • No labels