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Subversion and Git version control systems solves the same problem, that is why Subversion and Git repositories synchronization is possible. However, Subversion and Git implementation differs and that is why there are number of entities in both VCS worlds that are not translated. Still these entities are fully functional for that VCS users, for instance while empty directories are not translated from Subversion to Git, Subversion users may use them and create as many as they would like.

The following entities are not translated from Subversion to Git:

  • Arbitrary user defined properties
  • Revision properties
  • svn:externals properties
  • Empty directories
  • File locks
  • Merge tracking information for cherry-pick merges
  • Subversion path-based authentication is not taken into account for Git users

The following entities are not translated from Git to Subversion:

  • Git submodules
  • Git notes
  • Irrelevant file attributes

Future versions of SubGit will remove some of the above limitations.

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