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The passwords setting defines a path to the passwords file that can contain the list of username-password pairs to log in to a Subversion repository. The path can be either absolute or relative to the Git repository.

The default value:

[auth "default"]
passwords = subgit/passwd

The default password file is located in the subgit directory within a Git repository. In this file, you can specify the list of username-password pairs as plain text in the following format:

svnUserName svnUserPassword

The credentials from the passwords file may be used for mapping Git authors to Subversion revision authors when you translate Git commits to Subversion revisions. For the mapping purpose, you can specify the list of available usernames and passwords in the passwords file, though it is not obligatory. For more information on authors mapping, refer to the Authors Mapping section.

When you have several Git repositories mapped from the same Subversion repository, you can log in to this Subversion repository using a single passwords file.

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