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SubGit supports credential helper programs to obtain the authentication data to log in to a Subversion repository. A credential helper program is a script that fetches credentials from the external sources, for example, from LDAP catalogs, authentication servers or databases.

To enable a credential helper program, specify the following setting:

[auth "default"]
credentialHelper = PATH [args]

The credentialHelper setting defines a path to a credential helper program and its optional arguments. The path can be either absolute or relative to the Git repository.

The initial SubGit configuration places the sample credential helper script (the file) to the subgit/samples directory in the Git repository.

The initial script contains the following:

echo username=svnUser
echo password=svnPassword
exit 0;

You can configure this script to fetch the credentials from some external source to log in to a Subversion repository. Use the standard Git credential helper input/output format with the exception that the command name is not required.


url = SVN_URL


username = SVN_USER_NAME
password = SVN_PASSWORD

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