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  • logs = PATH
    a path to the directory where SubGit logs are being stored. The path can be either absolute or relative to the Git repository where import/mirror from SVN is being performed to. 

  • logLevel = \[info|finer|finest\]
    SubGit logs verbosity level. There are three levels:

    • INFO – default level, least verbose, reflects import/mirror process steps.

    • FINER – more verbose, Subgit logs every action it performs.

    • FINEST – most verbose, logs everything, including whole network traffic with all the payload.

    The values are case-insensitive. Default log level is INFO.

  • shared = \[true|false\]
  • authorsFile = PATH
  • authorsFileEncoding = ENCODING
  • defaultDomain = DOMAIN
  • failSafe = \[auto|svn|git\]
  • pathEncoding = ENCODING
  • gitPath = PATH
  • streamFileThreshold = SIZE
  • javaHome = PATH

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